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“I am training hard to be the best sailor that I can be; to make Antigua & Barbuda proud” Jules Mitchell

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Jules Mitchell is a young, Laser Radial class sailor from Antigua.  Aged 17 years old, Jules is born and bred Antiguan.  Having completed his O’ Levels earlier this year, Jules will begin his working career with On Deck Sailing in Falmouth Harbour – an established RYA accredited Sailing School and sail racing company.

He has been a member of the Antigua Yacht Club since 2013 having joined as a Cadet member.

He is coached by the Olympic sailor Karl James and races competitively three times per week, year round, plus he benefits from one to one coaching with Karl.



Jules starting sailing at 10 years old in the Laser Radial class and quickly progressed to racing in this particular class in Antigua.   He has attended 20 sailing regattas in the last 3-4 years; International, Regional and Local events spanning countries as far afield as Martinique, USA, Canada, Malaysia and Ireland.  Jules is one of the top youth sailors representing Antigua & Barbuda today.

“I have recently raced for Antigua in the ISAF Youth Worlds in Malaysia last December. This is a really big deal because it is the first time Antigua has participated in this regatta, and it is a really big step for me  sailing in Internationals, and a step closer to ultimately fulfilling my dream of going to the Olympics.  I have again qualified for ISAF Youth Worlds to be held in New Zealand December 2016”

“It was awesome competition and I can’t wait to do it again”

Coach Karl James “Once the racing started you could see who was prepared because of the conditions.  The conditions went from 15 – 30 Knots with a spring tide and a stronger than average current which made it a little more challenging because you could have 4 knots of current in the wrong direction.  Jules showed that he was ready for it displaying superior strength and boat handling skills.  As the regatta continued, early after the starts, Jules showed signs of brilliance



2013 &2014         Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta – Laser Radial – 82nd of 127, 58th of 122

“One of the largest dinghy regattas for sailors ages eight to 18 in the world; 2013’s event boasted 689 competitors from 27 states and 23 countries.  I competed for the 2nd time in 2014 and came 58th of 127 Lasers, not a bad show considering I had never been on a start line with over 120 boats before 2013. This year I have experience in four world class championship events, I am bigger, stronger, more experienced and confident that I achieve a good result in this, my last Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta”

2013                       Caribbean Dinghy Championship – Laser Radial – 2nd of 10 Antigua

2013                       BVI Dingy Championship – Laser Radial – 4th of 11 Tortola

2014                       Byte North American Championship – Byte – 15th of 28 Jensen Beach, FL

 “The International Byte CII Championship and Youth Olympic Games Qualifier for North America and the Caribbean held in Jensen Beach Feb 27 – March 2nd 2014”


2014                       Caribbean Laser Championship – Laser Radial – 3rd of 12 Antigua

2014 &2015         Antigua Laser Open – Laser Radial – 3rd  of 12, 10th of 19 Antigua

2014                       Heineken Light Open Laser Championship – 3rd of 24 St. Maarten

2015                       Schoelcher’s International Sailing Week – Laser Radial – 3rd of 24 Martinique

2015                       National Sailing Academy Annual Youth Regatta – Laser Radial – 1st Antigua

2015                       ISAF Emerging Nations Clinic Regatta – Laser Radial – 4th of 20 Antigua

2015                       Cork Week Sail Canada Youth Regatta – Laser Radial – 9th of 166 Canada

2015                       Laser Youth Worlds – Laser Radial – 9th Bronze Fleet of 47 Canada (140 in total split)

2015                       Dominica Disaster Relief Regatta – Laser Full Rig – 1st of 12 Antigua

2015                       Halloween Fundraising Regatta – Laser Full Rig – 2nd of 12 Antigua

2015                       Christmas Mini Regatta and qualifier for Schoelcher’s International Sailing Week airline ticket to Martinique – Laser Radial – 1st of 9 Antigua

2015                       ISAF Youth World Championships, December 27th 2015 to January 3rd 2016 – 37th of 66 Malaysia.

2016                       Antigua laser open- Laser standard – 2nd of 19 Antigua

2016                       KBC laser radial youth world championships- 52nd of 229 Ireland

“I have competed in local, regional and international regattas and would not get to do that without the support of my family, friends and well wishers who all want to see me succeed.  The support means a lot to me and I am grateful for it every day.  I work hard at my sport as it requires an advanced level of fitness to endure the straight legged hiking and body-torque techniques that are so necessary to getting upwind and reaching quickly”


From a young age, Jules has been sailing with many notable racing sailors from Antigua taking part in numerous Regattas around the Caribbean.

“If my campaign is successful, I want to represent Antigua & Barbuda and show that Antiguan sailors have skills.  I know that I am young, but if I can get there, I will show that I have what it takes”

Racing:  “May” Jolly Harbout Regatta 2009 (Antigua)

Racing:  “Blue Peter” Jolly Harbour Regatta / Valentine’s Regatta – 2010, 2011, 2012, (Antigua)

Racing:  “Spirit” Cork 1720 monohull NSA Youth Team – Jolly Harbour Ragatta/Valentines Regatta -2013, 2014

Racing:  “Blue Peter” monohull – Antigua Sailing Week (Antigua) 2011, 2012, 2013

Racing: “Biwi Magic” monohull – Antigua Sailing Week (Antigua) 2013

Racing: “High Tension” monohull Mumm 36 – Triskell Cup (Guadeloupe) 2013

Racing:  “Spirit” Cork 1720 monohull NSA Youth Team -Antigua Sailing Week (Antigua) 2014

Racing: “Taz” monohull aka the Carbon Beast – Triskell Cup (Guadeloupe) 2014

Racing:  IC24 Class – Kats Premier Cup– Years 2011, 2013, 2014 (BVI)

Racing RS Elite Class: Nonsuch Bay Resort Regatta and qualifier for Antigua Sailing Week Lay Day event – 2013/2014/2015

Racing:  Dragon Class:  Mill Reef Club 2014

Racing: “Taz” Extreme 37 Monohull – Jeff Campana Trophy Regatta (Guadeloupe) 2015

Racing: “Liquid”  J122 Jolly Harbour Regatta  Antigua 2015

Racing: “Liquid” J122 Jolly Harbour Valentines Regatta 2016

Racing: “Liquid” J122 Antigua Sailing Week 2016

“Supporting young, talented sailors through sponsorship is hugely important if they are to compete successfully on the world sailing stage.  The Laser class favoured by Jules Mitchell of Antigua & Barbuda is a Class close to my heart”

Sir Ben Ainslie



Jules has appeared on various local TV stations and has conducted radio interviews.  He is keen to promote the sport of sailing amongst other Antiguans and to be a role model for young, aspiring sailors.  He is a qualified sailing instructor and currently works for the National Sailing Academy, a non-profit organization, teaching kids to sail, race and working with the disabled in the Sailability Programme.

His sailing successes and achievements are constantly covered in various social media channels and in the newsletter “Antigua’s Yachting Insider” and “Antigua Nice”, the Antigua Yacht Club webpage and the National Sailing Academy webpage.  A Jules Mitchell webpage is currently under construction.

Jules has been sponsored by the Antigua Yacht Club, Jolly Harbour Yacht Club and many other private organisations over the last 4 years of competing and proudly wears their merchandise and displays their brand when racing and collecting his silverware on the podium.

He always makes an excellent ambassador for any would be sponsor with his ready smile and winning personality and responds well to interviews.  He has a strong presence on several social media applications including Facebook and Instagram.



“I want to perform the best that I can in New Zealand and get a good result.  I know I can beat some of the best guys that will be there. I want to get as good a result as I can and I am working hard towards that now.  The next thing I want to win is the Antigua Nationals in March, so that I can be the best Antiguan Sailor”

“I aspire to be a good role model for the kids coming up now so that they can see that sailing has good possibilities for them in racing and as a profession”

“My biggest ambition for the future is to compete for Antigua at the Olympics, after that, maybe the Olympics again.  I want to race professionally on the big race boats, perhaps in the America’s Cup.  I would like to be a tactician on a professional race boat one day”.

Olympic campaign – Year 2020



Jules Mitchell | email: jules191901@gmail.com | telephone: (268) 788 1206

Susan Athill Mitchell | email: susanathill@msn.com| telephone:  (268) 724 0222

“I know I can beat some of the best guys that will be there”.


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